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    What is SEO and introduce its types?
    Search engine optimization or SEO is a process of keep changing the position of a web page or website in a search engine results by using keywords or phrases.
    Two Types of SEO are:
    On Page Optimization
    Off Page Optimization

    What are the SEO tools do you use?
    The SEO tools that I use are Google analytic, keyword search, Alexa, open site explorer, Google Webmaster.

    What do you mean by Backlink?
    The incoming links to your website or webpage is referred as Backlink.

    What are out bound Links?
    The outbound links are our website links to other webpage or website.

    Can you tell me something about Googlebot?
    To index a webpage Google uses the Googlebot software. Caching, Crawling and indexing of a webpage are done through Googlebot by collecting details from that webpage.

    What does it mean if nothing appears on doing search on the domain?
    On doing search on your domain and if nothing appears then there are three possibilities.

    May be the site is banned by search engines
    May be no index by search engines
    Some canonical issues

    What is keyword stemming?
    The process of finding out the root word from the search query is referred as keywords stemming.

    Name some SEO blogs that you frequently read?
    Search Engine Land
    Search Engine Journal

    How many characters limits in Title tag?
    We can add 70 characters in title tag.

    What do you mean by Cloaking?
    Cloaking is a deceptive way of optimizing search. In this technique a different content will be searched by the search engine than what is presented or searched by the users.

    Name few Black Hat SEO techniques?
    Link Farming
    Hidden text, etc.
    Gateway or Doorway pages
    Keyword Stuffing

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    Currently Google update our penguin and release the Penguin 4.0. And this update how to affect our website so check it this blog:- tis-ites.com/blog/what-is-penguin-4-0-and-how-can-it-affect-your-seo-services/

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